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The Royale Cohesive Network has 4 Cornerstones all encouraging Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs have the framework (environment) to learn the skills of being successful to be sustainable adults through Entrepreneurship, a “Passport to Freedom”. Enthusiasm, shared by entrepreneurs, for reading during the monthly Book Club in the #Literacy cornerstone. The Lifestyle cornerstone, promotes health using STEM in gardening, cooking, yoga, and mental wellness. The Education cornerstone is available, supporting Home Schoolers. This cohesive model brings harmony to our community and beyond.

Royale Cohesive Network

mission is to engage people in educational and professional development experiences to enhance sustainability.


4 Cornerstones of Sustainability


2014 – Present

Reach Outgoing Youth Accelerate Literacy Enthusiasm

Ages 5-12 years old

#LITeracy – the ability to read is a skill needed by an Entrepreneur, and all areas of life.


2018 – Present

Reach Outgoing Youth Adapt Lifestyle Evolution

All ages

Lifestyle – eat nutritiously through STEM gardening, cooking, yoga, exercise and mental wellness.

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2018 – Present

Reach Outgoing Youth Aspire Local Entrepreneurship

Ages 25 years old & younger

Entrepreneurship – an Entrepreneur develops a product/idea to take to market, including writing a business plan.


2016 – Present

Reach Outgoing Youth Adhere Learning Enrichment

Ages 25 years old & younger

Education – a “hub” supporting homeschooling and entrepreneurial families.

Program highlights

Speaking Engagements

Youth Advisory Board

Madden Tanner

Public Relations


Natis’ Kincaid

Project Manager

Ire Cherry

Strategy Developer

Jai’Ron Wms

Marketing Rep

Masai Long

Educational Developer


Kamari Harris

Tech Communications



Kansas City’s rich and distinctive jazz history started in the 1920s and 30s along 12th and 18th Streets downtown, the hub of the city’s African-American community back in the day. It was here that large numbers of black musicians who couldn’t find work in other cities because of racial segregation laws came, sharing their extraordinary talents in the area’s numerous nightclubs, vaudeville houses, and dance halls. Following their leadership, today the culture of Youth Entrepreneurship in Kansas City is on the rise.

In 2019, Royale Cohesive Network successfully made history by obtaining a Resolution from the City of Kansas City reserving April 20th as Youth Entrepreneur Day.

City Resolution for Youth Entrepreneur Day – April 20th

State Resolution – Economic Impact

While there is no formal definition, Group Economics can be defined as one group of people who have a common economic interest. That group agrees to actively and consciously pursue that economic interest together to create a sustainable and secure economy for themselves. 

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