Education Program

Homeschool Hub

Through funding, we plan to create a central “hub” for collecting and sharing information pertinent to education to serve the needs of the homeschooling community. Reservation for block hours for co-op groups will be available as well.

Homeschooled Students By Parents Highest Level of Education

Less than High Schol
High School Graduate or Equivalent
Vocational/Technical School or Some College
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate or Professional School

Exploring the world of homeschool



Our goal is to create a support system to help you homeschool better, longer, further. Connecting with other homeschoolers like you, can help make your journey  easier.



Homeschooling and community building, are two wonderful freedoms in life. We are one of Kansas Ccity’s youth collective and growing crowd of homeschooling families.



Helping families navigate the world of homeschooling brings self-assurance, resourcefulness, social skills and the ability to connect with the people of their community.

the blueprint


The design layout, learning stations and hands on exploring are optimal for our homeschool system, but by no means do all aspects of this happen perfectly every day. Like parenthood, homeschooling is a moving target that seems to be constantly adapting and changing.


Each family decides on their course of study, assist with teaching different subjects, all while discovering that there are many approaches to homeschool - and then... they will create a curriculum within the approach which best describes their child, organize the station format usage, establish a homeschool plan and connect with others to receive homeschooling support.


Funding helps our vision to assist homeschool families to suuply them with learning materials that can include books, laptops, and most of all, our building fund.

Growing & connecting families in the 3rd district