Royale membership

The Royale Membership is a reasonable and cost-effective alternative, including:

  • Gain access to the PreK – 6th Grade virtual education center.
  • Engage in real life applications aimed to stimulate a deeper understanding in our areas of studies.
  • Enhance sustainability with our professional opportunities.
  • Access our resource center for additional learning apps and sites.
  • Explore our parent guide for distant learning tips and instructional assistance.
  • Receive a reasonable and cost effective discount RCN offers and with our affiliate educational partners.
  • Participate in exclusive meetups.
  • Get news and updates about customized curriculum’s.

royale academy Homeschool "Hub"


Members can use the online learning system to access the education center, which include all of the information they need to successfully increase knowledge in the areas of studies.

PreK – 6th Grade:

  • Engage in 3,500+ standard core lessons in the studies of entrepreneurship, literacy, gardening, cooking, mental and physical health.

Among the descriptions of the areas offered, African American culture and cooperative learning will be incorporated.

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What's inside the Royale membership?


Guide your pre-k, elementary, and middle school students easily through many literary activities and exercises.

African American literature that’s written by, about, and specifically for African Americans is incorporated.


This interactive program helps children develop gardening skills that includes subjects such as geography, math, science. With the cultural studies, participates will engage in sessions that teach ways to fight the growing problem of childhood obesity in the United States.

We have complied a timeline of African American attributes that feature stories and contributions of African Americans.


The cooking component increases healthy habits to unlock food consciousness.

Black Culinary History is a space dedicated to the thoughtful preservation of black heritage in the culinary arts throughout the African diaspora.


The Lifestyle cornerstone, promotes health using STEM in gardening, cooking, and mental wellness. This model brings harmony to the mind, body, and spirit.

This cornerstone will highlight the state of health of African Americans and shed a light on important social factors that uniquely impact health outcomes.

Do you want to heighten your lesson plan?

Grow your business. Refine your idea. Write a business plan. 

Assess your finances. Determine your legal business structure. 

Register with the government and IRS. Purchase an insurance policy. Build your team. Choose your vendor experience


Write your own narrative and have agency over your life.

Business Mindset

Enable your thinking to see problems as opportunities, and then turn it into a business. 

Professional Studies

A flexible offering that allows students to tailor their education to meet professional goals. 

Create a Business

We’ve collected essential steps to starting a business, including group economics.

Join the Network

Members can instantly connect with youth entrepreneurs and people of the community.

Group Economics

Members of the network circulate money and retain the benefits of their profits.

Make Connections

Connect yourself through cultural experiences, professional studies, and networking.

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Customer Review

Each year, we survey parents to get their feedback on the program and to help identify what we’re doing well and how we can improve.


Parents evaluate Royale Cohesive Network on a number of criteria, including student progress, mentor support, quality of curriculum, and use of on-site opportunities to improve the learning experience.


This year, once again, parents who completed the Royale Cohesive Network review gave us high marks for helping students succeed academically and emotionally.

Sunni Johnson-long

"I absolutely love everything about Royale Cohesive Network. They are a beyoutiful blessing to have in the community!”

Lora Spielberg

"It's always good to see young people exercising their right of passage. In this case, PASSION.”

Christopher Brown

"It's always good to see young people exercising their right of passage. In this case, PASSION.”