Basic membership

Basic Membership is a reasonable and cost-effective alternative, including:


  • Actionable and useful courses that teach educational and professional programs for youth entrepreneurs. Shark Tank Style sessions held 2x per year.
  • Connections to expand your relationships through Royale Youth Vendor Squad membership (group economics), member has 2 “Standard” vendor opportunities.
  • Members receives discount rate on other programs that RCN offers. Add additional “standard” event for $10 and “Premier” events for $20.
  • Access to branding opportunities.

Business courses

Access to Educational/Professional Development Courses.

Network branding

Logo Branding On RCN’s Website, Social Media Platforms, Email Marketing.


Group Economics

Choice 2 “Standard” Events Each Calendar Year To Sell Alongside Members.

Community Review

Each year, we survey parents to get their feedback on the program and to help identify what we’re doing well and how we can improve.


Parents evaluate Royale Cohesive Network on a number of criteria, including student progress, mentor support, quality of curriculum, and use of on-site opportunities to improve the learning experience.  


This year, once again, parents who completed the Royale Cohesive Network review gave us high marks for helping students succeed academically and emotionally.

emily fields

"I love absolutely everything about Royale Cohesive Network. They are a beyoutiful blessing to have in the community! ”

Lora Spielberg

"It's always good to see young people exercising their right of passage. In this case, PASSION. ”

Christopher Brown

"This organization exemplifies how economic community growth is possible.”