Running a Business During COVID-19

Many business owners including Royale Cohesive Network are working our best to return to normal during the first Pandemic that we’ve ever experienced. However we are constantly asking ourselves what is normal and will we ever get back to it. I’ve come to the realization that perhaps everything had always been like this; a world where things were up in the air, with no routine, no organization, and no control. This reminded me of how it felt to launch my first business; how things were all over the place even with all of the research I’d done, how I couldn’t find any order until I’d been up and running for at least months. It reminded me of the time where I lacked assurance that this business would fail or thrive.  I can’t be alone in this right? You remember back when you first started your business and it was your little baby? You constantly rolled with the punches of the new demands, you studied and practiced new routines until you found which one would really work for you, and you had faith that although things were still up in the air that you would do your best to come out on top.

Like many of you we have missed important events, HUGE events. We’ve missed out on celebrating Youth Entrepreneur Day on April 20th, hosting Literacy Days every second Saturday at the library, along with hosting Royale Youth Radio segment. Even with all of that our biggest concern was having a vending platform and space for our Youth Entrepreneurs. We get it – you are hurting and we are too, heck our entire world was shifted and rearranged in the matter of days and we are all just doing our best now. If you are anything like us being in front of the people and with the people is where we best serve however we are having to be innovative in our ways of connecting and engaging with our members and supporters. From groupme messages, to zoom calls, and tons of emails we are working through this challenge to be the best that we can be each and every day and we hope you are doing the same. Remember that grace for others should also be given to ourselves because we are still evolving, we are still growing, and we are all just doing our best to figure it out.

In my world list make everything better so here are Five Tips to running a Business Online during COVID-19

  1. Set a Schedule
    1. Whatever you want to wake up rather it’s at 6 am or 10 am; get out of the bed before noon. Shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast as if you are getting out of the house. Then follow whatever schedule you’ve sat. If you want a two hour lunch break to watch Avengers or to cook a three course meal – YOU CAN DO THAT. You want to do yoga or paint for an hour before you start your work – YOU CAN DO THAT. Just make a schedule that allows you to get some work done while still taking care of yourself.
  2. Zoom Meetings
    1.  If you have a board, a team, or others who assist with running your business. Zoom gives you the ability to meet with large groups of people for up to an hour
  3. Create an Outlook Business Email Address
    1. Outlook has an app included that is called TEAMS. Teams can assist you with staying connected to your team and having small video conference calls.
  4. Advertise
    1. Now is the time to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE. If you didn’t know already Facebook and Instagram have changed the marketing game. You can target a specific audience in a specific area for an extremely low rate which will further put your business in front of potential customers. I’ve noticed mechanic shops have even invested in a new COVID-19 ad. They are capitalizing on the current times and making due the best way they can.
  5. Website
    1. Now is the time to invest in a website if you haven’t already along with a Facebook and Instagram business page. If you have one already go through and edit or update any changes that you believe are necessary for your business. If you do not have a website I strongly urge you to invest in one. It would single-handily turn your in person business into being a safe COVID-19 business that can thrive.

*Bonus Tip

                A. If you believe your company or brand can improve at all now is the time to go back to the drawing board. Try new recipes, techniques, or styles. Research how bigger companies are attracting more customers so that you can do the same. Look into what audience you are really targeting and find out what they are interested in and how you can work your business into that equation.

We know like all of you that this time can seem frightening. It is! This time is new, it’s different, and for some it’s provided the much needed rest from the chaotic schedule they’d grown accustomed to. The only thing you must do during this time is give yourself grace. Show yourself the love that you deserve and if you have time to improve or work on your business do that also. Whatever you do don’t just sit and dwell on what you’re missing and truly think about what you are gaining. Rather it be time to refocus, to reframe, or to regrow – you now have the ability to do whatever is best for YOU! Let us know how you will be spending this time, ways we can assist you and your business, and how you are assisting your community. Let’s be Royale together!